Why do you wanna die?
-I do not want to die.
Then why are you here?
-It is... I didn't want to live. ... You do not get real work. Nobody speaks to you. You are there, but you are not. Without job... I cannot take care of my family.
So you come here instead...
-You do not understand my culture.
I didn't come here because of the loss. I didn't come here because of the grief. I came here because of the guilt. I was wrong to treat my wife the way I treated her and she was wrong to treat me how she did. Now neither one of us are ever gonna get the chance to say... I'm sorry.
-She's listening.
No she's not.
-It is during our darkest times that our loved ones are closest. Even those who have passed.
(Pure Zen, from Wiki: 無為(むい) -- in Taoism, non-action or non-doing.)
Sometimes you do things. As much as you'd wanna take 'em back... you can't.

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