(NOTE: I've certainly read the book before, but my review below is also based off of my recent listen to the AUDIBLE version of the story.)

The Grinch, the old grump that lives on the mountaintop outside of Whoville, hates Christmas. He will do ANYTHING to stop Christmas & all of its joyous activities from happening for everybody in town. He even goes so far as to dress up as Santa Claus, take a trip down to Whoville, & steal anything & everything that has to do with Christmas from every single house. But will the loss of all of the presents, decoration, & food stop the joy of Christmas from coming to the hearts of the Whos in Whoville? Of course not! And as the Grinch soon found out, Christmas is something that resides in our hearts, not under our tree or on our walls. The Grinch becomes a new "person" & returns everything to the families of Whoville. From that point forward, he is a vital part of the Christmas celebrations in town.

Who wouldn't love a story like that?! The typical "bad guy turned good" story line portrayed in a cute children's book. And narrated by the always-amazing Walter Matthau --- it just doesn't get better than that! A true Christmas classic that bears re-reading each year.

Age recommendation: all ages

On a scale of 1-10 stars, I give it 10!

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