American Gods
American Gods By Gaiman, Neil Downloadable Audiobook - 2013

Thought provoking and insightful, American Gods by Neil Gaiman is nothing short of astonishing. Before I continue, I must recommend you listen to the 10th anniversary edition audiobook by John Marshal Media. It was produced by a full cast and had segments narrated by Neil Gaiman himself. There is something to be said for an audiobook that can clearly transport you to the world in which the story is set, more if you can feel the jolt of excitement as you recognize a voice that adds to the suspense. But I digress from the tale. Neil Gaiman showcases the America that is not seen in international media, he shows the small towns and the roadside attractions that are lost to the background of the country. He does an amazing job creating a thriller from myths and legends. The incredible aspect of the story is that he’s allowed for different types of gods from different religions and different ideologies to flourish in this story. Following Shadow, an ex-convict who took a job from the wrong man, you start to wonder about different religions and how the America sees itself. A beautiful read in this day and age. Neil Gaiman manages to capture the imagination and beliefs in this wonderful novel.

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