Champion A Legend Novel By Lu, Marie eBook - 2013

Obviously, anybody who gave this book a 10/10(or anything higher than an 8) did not read the ending. If you read my previous reviews on this series, you will see I gave both Legend and Prodigy and 10/10, and raved about it. And until the end of Champion, I fully planned to give this book a 10/10 as well. Then I read the ending. And it was one of the most CLIQUE and flat out STUPID endings I've ever read in a book. Without getting into spoilers, this ending was only surprising because I didn't expect such a talented author like Marie Lu to end a stellar trilogy in such a way. The buildup to the end was enormous, and as I got closer to the ending, my anticipation grew. "What's going to happen?" I keep asking myself. But nothing ever happened. Lu just threw everything out; all the politics, battle, and strategy, out the window for a "Go to the climax, skip three weeks, and just say you were saved. Readers love that!" mentality. Overall, the first 95% of this book deserves a 10/10, and you should definitely read. However, after the June-Commander "interaction"(word used to reduce spoilers), I strongly suggest you stop reading, and imagine the rest in your head. However, if you want to read the whole thing, then this book completely deserves it's 6/10 and a "Would Not Recommend Reading" review.

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