A Cyborg, a moon person, and a princess, whats not to like? This book has everything, not only did I fall in love with Cinder on the first page, but the characters really come to life. Everything about this book rocks.
I'm gonna talk about Cinder. She is like the hidden princess, shes shy and different, but over time she changes. Her personality is so easy. She cares for the important things, and you can't help but love her.
Now Kai, or should I say Prince Kai. He is amazing!!! You can tell from the get go that he knows what is important, and will do anything to protect his country. As well as not caring that Cinder is a filthy mechanic, he becomes friends with her anyways.
But I can't forget about Iko. She is by far my favorite character. Shes out going not afraid to express her feelings, and lovable. I loved her from the start, and so happy for her to be a character. She really elevates the book.
Then there is Peony, her spirit always fun and cheerful. Loved her so much.
That was a great book, if you have not read this book read it!!

Anna Beyer's rating:
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